Module d'exploration musicale


Epilogue – KORG Minilogue

Hardware used : KORG Minilogue

New video – KORG Minilogue


In the darkness

Hardware used: Doepfer Dark Energy (bass) and A100 (sequences & lead)
Photography by

Impromptu pour Theremin

Hardware used: Moog Etherwave Theremin with Electro Harmonix Memory Boy (delay), Yamaha DX-7 (pad), Doepfer A100 (bass and sequence).

La Gigue Bleue

Hardware used: Doepfer A100 (sequences and bass), Moog Etherwave Theremin, Roland V-Synth GT (Supersaw Pad)
Software used: Native Instrument Absynth (pad)

Nemo Auditur

Hardware used:  Doepfer A-100 (all excepted pad), Roland V-Synth GT (pad)


Hardware used: Yamaha DX-7 (bell sounds), Doepfer A100 (bass, sequences & fx), Korg Monotron (solo), Zoom H2 (samples)

Software used: Crystal vst (pad)