Module d'exploration musicale



Doepfer A100 modular

Hardware used: Doepfer A100 modular ( fx sequence, drums, bass), Doepfer Dark Energy (sequences), Roland V-Synth GT (voices, supersaw pad), Zoom H2 (samples)
Software used: Native Instrument Kore Player (pad)



Hardware used: Tibetain singing bowl (drone), Theremin, Doepfer A100 modular (sequences, bass and drums), Yamaha DX7 (pad), Zoom H2 (samples, except the first voice sample, from
Software used: Tone 2 Gladiator 2 (pad)

Moduli Field

Hardware used: Doepfer Dark Energy

Untitled CS-5 Track

Hardware used: Yamaha CS-5

Theremin Opening

Hardware used: Theremin (solo, fx), V synth Gt (pad, sequence)
Software used: Alieno vst (first sequence)