Module d'exploration musicale

Synth Patches

KORG – Minilogue


Download patches for Minilogue v1 (sysex files)

Download patches for Minilogue v2 (Minilogue librarian file)

Waldorf – Blofeld

Waldorf Blofeld 1

Download Selected Ambiant Patches

(These patches, slightly modified, come from other free banks, available on the Web)


Roland – V synth GT

Download patches for V synth GT v3 (93,9Ko)


Korg R3

Download patches for R3 v1 (294Ko)


Doepfer – Dark Energy

Download patches for Dark Energy v1 (3,12Mo)


21 Réponses

  1. JV

    Very nice patches! Thanks for sharing!

    13 décembre 2011 à 5:25

  2. max

    have other Patches for v synth gt?
    Thanks .

    2 janvier 2012 à 3:34

    • Not yet, but I’m thinking about more FM and sample-based patches for the next version.

      2 janvier 2012 à 5:48

  3. max

    ok thanks. I tried classic sounds (piano, organ, etc. ..) for this keyboard

    2 janvier 2012 à 6:02

  4. Marko

    Hi. Can i use this patches with Fantom G6 ?

    2 avril 2012 à 3:13

    • I’m not shure that you can… The sound design of the V-synth Gt is very specific, and my bank can’t be used with an other V-Synth model, as the V-Synth XT. So I think my bank is not compatible with an other Roland serie. If you are interested in one patch especially, I can give you some tips to rebuild it in your Fantom.

      2 avril 2012 à 6:27

  5. Babooshh

    thanks, merci, danke, doumo arigatou…

    9 août 2012 à 3:24

  6. Paolo

    Thanks and I mean Your patches for the v-synth are very good !!!

    7 janvier 2013 à 5:27

  7. you gonna made v2 of patches for KORG R3??

    8 janvier 2013 à 8:17

    • I’m sorry but I sold my R3 last week, so I can’t program new patches any more.

      8 janvier 2013 à 9:12

  8. henley

    can u pliz explain how o install the new patches on my R3??i hv a mac os x if that can help.
    thank you

    7 août 2013 à 5:19

  9. Very nice patches for Dark Energy! Do you have some kind of template for the knobs and cables position as they are in PDF’s. It’ll be nice to do it like that. Now I’ve taken a picture, but i’d prefer that kind of « preset saving » method. In pictures I cannot always see the knobs or switches and cables.

    Best regards,

    7 janvier 2015 à 9:43

  10. Nevermind… I foundit


    7 janvier 2015 à 11:22

  11. Pencherjevsky

    The R3 one is fantastic. Thanks for share

    8 janvier 2016 à 3:52

  12. mark Burrell

    Not available anymore? 😦

    16 avril 2017 à 6:41

  13. Unkhakook

    The R3 link is dead!

    25 avril 2017 à 4:58

  14. Mr XavieR

    Hello , Thanks for Blofeld patches , all the best for 2018 !

    29 décembre 2017 à 9:49

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